Britney Spears Piece of Me Antoanetta Fish Necklace Gold Cuffs Britney Spears Antoanetta Fish Necklace Piece of Me Sketch

Britney Spears

Couture Fish-Bone Necklace

With a very stylized and organic form defining nature itself, this necklace embodies the perfect harmony between the raw material and the fluidity of the fish. The skeletal structure is created by disproportionately enlarged bones almost appearing as weapons of self-defense. A playground to a serious contrast of texture and scale this Fish-Bone necklace is inspired by the continuous transformations in Nature.
Taboo Black Eyed Peas Antoanetta Shoulder Piece

Taboo-Black Eyed Peas

Couture Shoulder Piece

This shoulder piece was inspired by old armor parts dating back in the 15th century, called “pauldron”. Instead of a heavy construction, this jewel has an organic free form and indestructible quality about it. There are 45 elements all hand cut and all with a unique shape are connected together bringing the symbolic meaning of how even with our differences when we all stay together we are strong and can protect each other!
Kelly Rowland Necklace Jewelry Antoanetta Kelly Rowland Antoanetta Vine Gold Necklace

Kelly Rowland

Tree Vine Gold Necklace

This necklace embodies the very nature of the vine, trailing along the neck in an uncontrollable manner. The two asymmetrical parts of the necklace are joined together emanating light through the purple crystals.
Gillian Jacobs Antoanetta Ring Original SketchGillian Jacobs Actress Antoanetta Ring

Gillian Jacobs

Gold Vine Ring

This ring is created combining the strong geometric structure of the pyramid-like stone and the organic texture of the shank and vines. The stone appears trapped under the free-form branches.
Gillian Jacobs wearing the Gold Vine Ring.
  • Ring: made in Sterling Silver with 22k Yellow Gold overlay and deep purple Crystal
Lily Gatins Antoanetta Paris Fashion Week Ring Sketch Lily Gatins Antoanetta Ring Paris Fashion Week

Lily Gatins

Black Fin Ring - Cyberia Black

This ring is inspired by a strict geometric feature and driven by minimalist principles. Positive and negative space create a skeleton-like structure. With its exaggerated height, this ring embodies a unique appearance. The stones are set also in an unusual place, on the side of the ring bringing a 3-dimensional curiosity.
Lily Gatins is an international street style artist famous for her eccentric appearances at Paris and New York Fashion Week.
  • Ring: made in Sterling Silver, Black Rhodium and Cubic Zirconia baguettes
Eva LaRue CSI Miami Antoanetta Jewelry Necklace Eva LaRue CSI Miami Antoanetta Heart Necklace

Eva LaRue

Broken Heart Necklace

When Love goes wrong. . . A deformed Heart shattered into two pieces reminds us of the perfect shape it once had. This necklace has a ridged surface created through the long and old process of reticulation (slowly melting the surface of the metal though controlled heating). Copper pieces are blended with the silver softening the rough look of the Heart.
Eva LaRue, American actress famous for her roles in CSI:Miami and All My Children. Eva LaRue wearing the Broken Heart Necklace.
  • Necklace: made in Sterling Silver and Copper
Melissa Mars Antoanetta Necklace Sketch Melissa Mars Cyberia Necklace Antoanetta

Melissa Mars

Cyberia - Couture Necklace

This is a study on geometry driven by stiff and lifeless interrelations. Exploring the asymmetrical structures by combining lightweight components and fine crystals. This necklace is created with the idea of building volume with a very airy quality. It resembles an industrial snowflake.
Bai Ling Antoanetta Necklace Sketch Bai Ling Antoanetta Chain Necklace

Bai Ling

Entangled Necklace

This necklace brings together the strict faceted stones into a dance with a grungy looking loose chains. An edgy appearance with a playful quality.
Bai Ling, Chinese-American actress known for The Crow, Red Corner and Wild Wild West. She is wearing Entangled necklace.
  • Necklace: Multi Chains, Onyx and Silver
Eden Xo Antoanetta Trapped Necklace Sketch Eden Xo Antoanetta Necklace Dark Beauty Magazine

Eden Xo

Trapped Necklace

An asymmetrical beautiful mess of pure glass stones and raw mesh. As if trapped by a fisherman this necklace embodies another contrast in textures and symbolism.
Eden Xo is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She is wearing Trapped necklace for Dark Beauty Magazine.
  • Necklace: Glass, Industrial Materials
  • Juchi Model Antoanetta Necklace Sketch Juchi Model Antoanetta Animal Spine Necklace


    Animal Spine Necklace

    Always testing the boundaries of what is normal, acceptable and what is rejected, repulsed. There is a fine line between our comfort zones and I like to push that and find the ultimate balance. This necklace brings the true animalistic nature of a delicate creature, yet a rebel.
    Juchi, a British model, wearing the Animal Spine Necklace.
    • Necklace: Organic Materials, Silver Chains