The unworldly appearance

Raw Aquamarine Crystal

A great stone is always there to showcase something. Although that is usually correlated with the color and transparency of the stone, there is always something truly inexplicable about every stone in particular. The special princess of uniqueness is surely the precious Aquamarine, always being truly angelic in presence. After all, it is wise to judge a gem by the ladies surrounding it, right? What if we say that the Aquamarine ladies are Princess Diana and now Meghan Markle?

The basics

Aquamarine is something that definitely comes to mind when you think of freshness, a summer breeze, a splash of cold water in the morning, or even the first snowflakes in the winter. Named after seawater, it is reminiscent of the fresh, blue sea. Being a beryl gem, the aquamarine is capable of building large crystals. It is the March birthstone.

Why aquamarine?

Emerald Cut Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring

If we look at the colors purely, is there something more appropriate or more divine for your engagement that the light blue aquamarine? It is associated with purity, elegance, and artisan details. Although some women may prefer other gems instead, in the end, they realize that the Aquamarine is imperative for them. Its subtleness and delicacy reflect on the whole aura of an engagement – an airy, marvelous and romantic experience.

Princess Diana and the iconic Aquamarine

Although sometimes overthrown by her globally known sapphire engagement ring (the one that now belongs to Kate Middleton), Diana’s Aquamarine has emerged from the royal treasures in 2017. The stunning emerald-cut gem is surrounded by small solitaire diamonds and rooted in 24k yellow gold. It was one of her favorites and it perfectly complemented her equally blue eyes. Being truly exceptional it seeks to amaze the quite different, but extremely beautiful Meghan Markle. The true chameleon among gems, it adapts to all kinds of characters and looks.

ANTOANETTA - Aquamarine rings

Aquamarine Ring Split Shank


Immediately brightening up your day, this ring is something very similar to the ring currently worn by Meghan Markle. The extra glam effect is added by a halo of white diamonds surrounding this fellow. The split shank creates a splendid emphasis of the gem.


Pear Shape Aquamarine Diamond Halo


The pear-shaped Aquamarine is like a glacier queen’s tear, icy and fresh at the same time. There is barely any rose gold seen in the front since the upward part of the shank is covered in diamonds equivalent to those on the halo. All of that combined creates a sumptuous and glamorous appearance.


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