One of the most favorite parts of my work is to design custom pieces. There is always a story behind it, always a sentiment and always something new to discover.

I got commissioned to make a men’s signet ring inspired by the Rosette from Pliska. The ring was made in 14k White Gold using black patina to give it more of an antique look.

In 1961, during excavations in the first Bulgarian capital- Pliska archeologists found a unique object. It was made out of bronze in the shape of a rosette with seven rays. Some believed it was used to “predict the future”.

Ancient Rosette from Pliska, Bulgaria


There are ancient protobulgarian signs carved on it, so called Runes. 
Researchers think the rosette represents ancient Bulgarian 12 year cyclical calendar, declared by UNESCO as one of the most precise calendars in the history of mankind. Runes in the outer circle are the signs of the fifth known planets in the ancient time together with the Sun and the Moon: Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. And in the inner circle are represented the runes of week days. 

According to some historical hypotheses the symbols on the beams of the Rosette have a direct connection to the symbols of the ancient Thracian script as well as those of the ancient Minoan linear scrip.

14k White Gold men's Ring