Black Diamonds are associated with some of the most unique and charming jewelry pieces in the world. They display a rare and enigmatic beauty that has become a luxurious centerpiece for both men and women. Apart from this status, Black diamond jewelry can be found in basically all types of jewel creations. They are incredibly versatile.


This peculiar diamond is often used in dark and mysterious concepts. However, there are many other usages and trends. Black Diamonds can be part of traditional fine jewelry, as well as modern and contemporary creations. In fact, it can even be included in engagement rings.


Despite this tremendous versatility, Black Diamonds are unique and uncommon to be found in nature. As such, black diamond jewelry is considered to be quite exclusive and exceptional due to its rarity – a sort of piece that is not only expensive but also difficult to obtain in its true essence. 


But what are Black Diamonds exactly? And why are they such a rare and unique gemstone? The answers are quite simple. Black Diamonds are one of the most precious and rarest gemstones in the world and that is entirely related to the availability of natural resources.


Because Black Diamonds are extremely uncommon, they are highly valuable and the prices can reach over $5,000 per carat. It is truly a luxurious gemstone and an incredible suitable choice for exclusive fine jewelry concepts. 


However, don’t get misguided. There are different types of Black Diamonds and they all can be found in fine jewelry all over the world. ANTOANETTA answers some of the most common questions about Black Diamonds.


What are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds and colorless diamonds share the same basic structure. By other words, they are mostly the same. However, Black Diamonds present a peculiar singularity, the black color is the result of the induced graphite inclusion during the diamond’s formation under the Earth's surface.


Natural Black Diamonds present a “polycrystalline” structure, which creates the opaque black color with almost no reflection. Therefore, the graphite inclusion is the only aspect that differentiates Black Diamonds from any other diamond.


Are There Different Types of Black Diamonds?

There are two types of Black Diamonds, the genuine ones found in nature and the colorless diamonds that receive heat treatments to gain a fancy black color. Certainly, their rarity and value are not the same.


The overall appearance of the two types is very similar. As such, it is quite difficult to differentiate a genuine Black Diamond from a heated one. Nevertheless, the real appeal and value of Black Diamonds is in their true form.


How Rare are Black Diamonds?

Genuine Black Diamonds are very rare and they are one of the most valuable diamonds in the world. The prices for this type of diamond can range between $3000 and $5000 per carat. At least 10 times more than a heat treated Black Diamond.


Just so you have an idea, Black Diamonds as mostly found in one particular continent, South America, most precisely in Brazil. Additionally, heat treated diamonds run around $300 per carat.


Are Black Diamonds Great for Fine Jewelry?

Black diamonds are more than great, they are wonderful for fine jewelry. They are highly versatile and can be used in almost all types of concepts. Due to its rarity, Black Diamonds are often used on luxurious and exclusive creations.


They are also often used in dark, enigmatic, magical and edgy designs. In terms of materials, Black Diamonds go well with about all metals. But yellow and rose gold are probably the most popular materials to be used with Black Diamonds.

Can Black Diamonds be Used as Engagement Rings?

There are no actual rules when it comes to engagement, proposal and wedding rings. So of course, you can use Black Diamonds as an engagement ring. In the end, it’s about personal preference.


If you’re madly in love with Black Diamonds, there’s nothing stopping you from getting one into your engagement ring. After all, all diamonds regardless of color symbolize eternity, heritage, love and commitment.


Does ANTOANETTA Feature Black Diamond Jewelry Pieces?

ANTOANETTA has created several fine jewelry pieces using Black Diamonds. In fact, our store currently displays several different designs, including rings, bands, earrings, and necklaces.


One of ANTOANETTA’S most famous creations with Black Diamonds is the Claw Ring in rose gold, which was inspired by the inner seductiveness of wild animals.


Check some of ANTOANETTA’S fine jewelry pieces made with Black Diamonds.



The Rose Gold Claw Ring combines the inner seductiveness of wild animals with feminine black beauty. It features several 0.10ct genuine Black Diamonds and a unique design. This is a provocative and trendy ring that will empower you every time you wear it!



Featuring an adorable and fashionable appearance, this can be the perfect Black Diamond Engagement Ring for you. This fine jewelry piece features a modern concept and a genuine 1.4ct round Black Diamond, followed by 7 Black Diamonds on each side.



Elegant and stylish, the Rose Gold Claw Hoop Earrings display 0.24ct genuine Black Diamonds and a unique design that will follow your ear shape. The end structure is quite pointy, which resembles a small claw. This item comes with regular friction earring backs.



Inspired by simplicity and elegance, the Rose Gold Horizontal Bar Necklace is an excellent choice for those who prefer to stay away from complex designs. This necklace features a 25mm bar filled with 0.15ct genuine Black Diamonds. The chain is fully made of rose gold.


For other Black Diamond fine jewelry pieces, please visit our online shop. Alternatively, you can always contact us directly for details on a specific product.