As we all know the world is constantly changing and those we know as Millennials have new rules and a new way to see and do things, so it’s important for brands and designers to keep track and help our customers to get what they like. 

Studies have found that those between 25-34 spend more on jewelry than any other age group and more than half of all millennial women purchase their own jewelry. (Yees! Girl) 

But what are the factors which define Millennials' choices when it comes to Jewelry?


First, Millenials don’t have the same financial ability to spend big on Jewelry, with the cost of living prices rising and having other priorities like traveling it is obvious that they are not thinking about buying expensive Diamonds like their mothers or grandmothers did in the past. 

Second, Millennials are Eco-conscious! Everyday Millennials care more and more about the environment, they want things that are made with ethically sourced materials. Also, they want to know that the ones behind the brand are paid fairly. They want to know the story and every detail behind every design. It is no longer only just about the piece itself, but the whole experience behind the jewelry that makes them feel unique. Millennials want jewelry that they can wear every day. 

Third, this fascinating new generation is not looking for a huge Diamond that sits at home and it's being worn just once a year for a big event, they look for functionality, Minimalistic designs, Pearls with a twist, unique and customized pieces, accessories that can make a statement. A piece of jewelry that can be worn day and night but at the same time clearly reflects who they are and what their style is. 

And if we want to talk about Engagement rings, Millennials are changing the game. Instead of good old Diamonds, they prefer other gems like Morganite, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline. This generation buys even lab-created stones as an alternative to the traditional Diamond-like Moissanite, a brilliant stone that has become very popular for being an economic choice with similar durability and looks. ( Looove it!) 

Millennials like to break traditions. Some couples are considering other colorful gems like Aquamarine and shape like emerald or pear.
White Gold has been ranked the most popular among Millennials followed by Rose and Yellow Gold respectively. 

Nowadays with the internet and so many options, Millennials browse for hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration. It's a generation used to technology. They feel comfortable buying online even something as pricey as an engagement ring. 


Young Millennials think an engagement ring should cost less than $2,500, according to a new survey from TD Ameritrade. Here at Antoanetta, we are happy to help future couples to buy or to create a unique piece of jewelry that represents their love story but also is beautiful and affordable. 


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