A statement in simplicity? Are you searching for the magic ring that embodies your authentic self and showcases your exquisite yet delicate taste for jewelry? When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, a modern future bride who considers herself a true minimalist will not settle for anything less than pure elegance. 

A minimalist's dream

The minimalism philosophy and ideology are marked by clarity and purpose. They promote the things we should value the most and remove everything that distracts us from those essentials. Enough proof is found in the fact that all sorts of art domains, movements and ideas have evolved around the idea - keep it simple. The blank canvas is what everyone finds essential in order to express themselves. The minimalist approach to life forces you to improve and brings you freedom from the desire to possess. 

A minimalist lifestyle is totally achievable. It offers almost everything your heart has been seeking all along.

Delicate & dainty engagement rings

The “less is more” approach doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your uniqueness, because the perfect engagement ring can be both; delicate and eye-catching. Finding the one that stacks to your overall style has never been easier since the best jewelry designers started to create the stunning artisan pieces that are all about simplicity. Embrace the minimalism trend that has become so popular lately, and keep your engagement ring choice far from "busy".

Beauty lies in the simplicity

Say yes to less! For those of you who are on the hunt for a simple, but unique engagement ring, we suggest you stay on that track. While looking for a stunning ring, you should try to fulfill minimalist's dream about the smooth, sleek lines and natural elegance. The bezel setting highlights the perfection and beauty of the stone without adding distracting embellishment. Simple thin-band engagement bands make an airy and elegant look, no matter what your finger type is. For all ladies who prefer a classically cut stone in a bezel setting, single diamond set within a simply v-shape band is the perfectly sleek choice.


Only a delicate and functional engagement ring can complement the character of our minimalistic bride-to-be. While representing a lifetime commitment to her Prince Charming, this petite ring worn on her left hand has to feel almost like her second skin. The classic appeal of the delicate ring design aligns with the minimalistic lifestyle of its owner perfectly. The best thing about delicate artisan pieces is the fact they stack effortlessly with other jewelry pieces. They can be combined with other jewelry and fashion styles. The functionality of those rings is emphasized with the proven fact that they can be worn in a typical, ordinary, day-to-day occasions and running all sorts of errands.

Minimalist Engagement Rings That Scream "I Do"

The truth is, the mentioned blank canvas isn't quite literally "a blank canvas". It has to provide room for the wearer's expression of style, but still, it has to possess its authentic touch to remain independently astonishing. ANTOANETTA evolved with celebrities and the upgraded "less-is-more" approach. ANTOANETTA never stayed behind. Quite the contrary, the brand has always succeeded to be proactive in engaging this trend, or to be exact, this way of living - the way of "joie de vivre".


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Our first suggestion-The minimalist engagement ring with a pear shape Moissanite stone in a bezel setting is made to amaze with its clean, crisp lines, as sharp as a newly cut paper. The perfect yin to our ring yang comes the wedding band, bending itself in an edgy way, like a certain spike created to protect its heart of glass.


And now, welcome to the dark side. The opulent, luxurious black diamond in the center is like a sophisticated abyss, made to capture all emotions and look, in a slightly devious, but quirky way.

Black Diamond Minimalist Set

With a structure inspired by the Doric order, this cigar ring is sturdy and robust, but still sleek and elegant in every way you have it. Using unique Teal Blue Diamonds you can have this perfect set of delicate lady's band and wide men's band.

14K Rose Gold Minimalist Blue Diamonds Wedding Bands