Are the Holidays the ideal time to propose?

The two of you have made the special decision. Or maybe, you haven’t, but there is the evolving spark that simply tells you “THAT moment is coming very soon!” You both get excited and nervous at the same time about the upcoming proposal, but then again, there is this restless array of questions the future groom goes thru. When should I pop the question? Are we supposed to be alone? Should I go on one knee (OR, is this too much of a cliché)?

The deeper meaning

Yes, the definition of the proposal is telling us that it is simply significant in terms of starting a new life together, like the herald of the upcoming marriage. However, all couples know it is something special and authentic for each and everyone in a different way. Some may like to keep it just for themselves. Some like to brag about it out loud (although this is a nice and joyous kind of bragging, totally approved). Everyone has a specific interpretation of how this special moment should look like.


Family is what matters

Despite that people may think the proposal is a rather intimate act, involving just the lovers, for those who are really nostalgic for the old times it may be better to opt for a family-based occasion. What better occasion there is than Thanksgiving, Christmas or any of the wonderful Holidays at the end of the year? The family is there, ready to cherish the lovely news they are about to hear. Who knows, the two of you may even inspire new love stories and future commitments.You never know...


Save the date

Although the proposal should not be forced in any way, it should not be 100% spontaneous either. Maybe if the two of you decide to share the news at the family table, it is much, much better to sit down with your beloved one and talk a little bit about your plan. Which Holiday or family get-together are you going to pick? Does that date bear more significance than other special dates or occasions? What are you going to say? Take it easy and let your true, genuine emotions take the lead. It is surely going to be a splendor appearance and cocktail of different emotions, authentic for every person that is present.

Take advantage of the upcoming Holiday season, choose Thanksgiving if the two of you have thought about this a lot lately, or pick Christmas or New Year’s Eve if you want to chit-chat about this a little bit more. Whatever you decide, it is the right thing to do.


Seal it with a true sign of love

Make sure there is an engagement ring ready to be shown and a story to be told to your family, friends, and colleagues during that time! The true tip, however, is that the actual proposal should reflect your feelings and your character. It will always mean something special to you, something, you can’t describe. And the point is, you do not need to describe it to anyone. You are the only people that should know the secret behind the ring and the proposal and keep it in your hearts!


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