With the number of choices and different styles we can find today it’s hard to choose something so important like a ring that will stay with us forever (or at least a long time). 

It’s very important to decide what type of ring best suits your needs, style and that will make you feel comfortable for many years to come, we believe this is one of the most important purchases of your life.

If you are not sure we are here to help you find out the perfect engagement ring for you.  Maybe your style is more minimal or edgier, you are looking for something timeless or something unique and different? Let’s have a look at the differences. 


Classic Engagement Rings: traditional ring featuring usually a Diamond. In most cases a standard shape of a Diamond, round, princess or oval cut. Depending on the design some have a more ornate vintage style and some have a more simple style like a solitaire setting. 


Alternative Engagement Rings: feature an alternative center stone to the Diamond, such as Morganite, Aquamarine, Moissanite, Sapphire, and others. This type of ring can also have one of these stones in non-traditional shapes: pear shape, emerald cut or even irregular geometric shape.

With the rise of Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy we witnessed glam shots of rings with black diamonds, cathedral shanks, rare colored stones even coffin-shaped salt and pepper Diamonds, shattering the idea of what an engagement ring can look like.



But now let’s talk about those fearless and non-traditional women. Those who look for something different, unique and reflecting their style in a piece that will be with them every day. 


The times have changed and we are not looking for the same as we did 30- 40 years ago, couples nowadays have other priorities and values.  The famous “three-month rule” is already in the past. Couples are thinking about the future and are looking for a lower price tag to be able to spend wisely and put more money on trips together or a mortgage. 


An alternative stone gives you all these possibilities, lower prices but still getting a stunning ring. For example, a one-carat Diamond could cost more than $4,000. An equivalent-sized Aquamarine would typically cost around $200. 


Another important fact why Alternative engagement rings are winning this competition is their environment-friendly nature. Now more and more couples are conscious of the source of the stones used in their ring. They want to make sure they are ethically mined and others are just open to get lab-created stones.


Let's be honest for decades society set the Diamond as a symbol for the engagement. Traditional media kept mentioning the Diamond as the first and only option for engagement rings. We want something different, your love story is unique and only yours so should be your engagement ring. 


There are many different gemstones other than a typical Diamond, also different shapes and unusual cuts. 

 Moissanite the most brilliant gemstone in the world! Did you know the Moissanite looks extremely similar to a Diamond? 


Natural Moissanite is formed by a meteor fragment but it is so rarely found that in most cases nowadays it is made in a lab synthetically. I guess you are wondering about prices and durability. 

Lucky for you this beautiful gemstone looks almost identical to a Diamond but could cost just a fraction of the price. Since this stone is made in a lab, it’s clarity is extremely high and has a higher brilliance than Diamonds. Yes! I am sure by now you are already loving Moissanite. 

In most cases, Moissanite is colorless, but some stones can have a yellow/grey hue.


Screaming feminity, this pinkish gem has become very popular for alternative engagement rings, it is classified as Beryl with a high degree of brilliance. The perfect match for this gem would be a rose gold ring. 

Sapphire  It is typically blue, but natural "fancy" sapphires also occur in yellow, purple, orange, and green colors. Sapphires are also known for remarkable hardness, 9 on the Mohs scale (the third hardest mineral, after Diamond at 10 and Moissanite at 9.5). An interesting fact about this beautiful gem is that Kings wore Sapphires around their necks as a powerful defense from harm, a good reason to go with stone for your engagement ring. 





Now that we jumped to the shapes, this a key point for alternative rings. There are many types of shapes: Round, Princess, Oval, Emerald cut, Pear shape, and irregular shapes. 
For a classic timeless ring, we would suggest a round, oval or even a princess cut. 
If you are on the alternative side try an emerald cut, pear shape or find a unique irregular shape. 
Now you have the opportunity to fulfill all these points by selecting a special stone or having a ring designed by Antoanetta with some custom details that will make your engagement exceptional and remarkable. 
Put all your style, ideas and why not a bit of your love story into your engagement piece… we are waiting for you!