Skeptic much?

Admit it. We have all felt that way when e-commerce started to boom. Of course, it is growing exponentially, but still, the niches it grows in are very common and mass-oriented. We all know the size of our shirt or the shoe size of our summer sandals. To add up, it is very convenient to blindly order the newest tech gadget your friends are raving about (Alexa, we’re looking at you). But, can the same apply to intricate jewelry pieces, or to be more exact engagement rings?

Sure, AR (Augmented Reality) is big, but ANTOANETTA is not fully adopting this technology. Now that all brands may add the virtual aspect in their customer experience, everything lacks basic human contact. That is why it is essential to replenish that humane touch when buying special pieces such as jewelry.

Sometimes, the touch of an expert is all you need!

ANTOANETTA simply loves to be a pioneer in certain domains. Is there a better way to meet your customer’s needs halfway than adding a human contact to the order experience? The process of ordering an engagement ring simply isn’t equivalent to the process of ordering a skirt. None of today’s accessories or clothing pieces are close to the heart (or skin) as particular jewelry items. Now that’s exactly why we might go for the jewelry shop next door rather than indulge in the convenience of ordering rings or necklaces online.

Meet Antoaneta Ivanova

All of the breathtaking rings a bride-to-be may look at ANTOANETTA’s website wouldn’t exist without a particular lady’s hand. Antoaneta Ivanova, the head designer of the namesake brand, has graduated from the Gemological Institute of America, but more importantly, she has been in the business for very long, since she continued her family’s jewelry making steps. Being acclaimed both in the USA and Europe, the jewelry in ANTOANETTA’s portfolio makes the best of both worlds and cultures when it comes to fulfilling one’s particular needs and taste.

Tailor-made pieces that stick with you forever

Being expressive about your needs isn’t always an easy job, especially when describing the look and feel of the engagement ring you craved for so much, so to speak. At ANTOANETTA, you have the opportunity to talk exclusively with Antoaneta Ivanova in order to have an expert realize what you really want or search for. With this virtual boutique option, a compromise has been made with the classic e-commerce option and the sentiment of brick-and-mortar shops. You get the ease of e-commerce and the much needed human contact to aid you in your purchase.

This fall brings custom made orders

For those who may think they have insatiable taste, this is the functionality that makes all jewelry dreams come to life. Schedule a video call with our creative director and be a step closer to getting that absolute favorite jewelry design you previously thought was impossible to make. Of course, you could still order jewelry the usual way, but have in mind: If you are concerned in any way for the ring (even if it is not custom made) or any other jewelry piece, feel free to make an online appointment and ask whatever is on your mind.

How ANTOANETTA Virtual Boutique works:

- schedule your appointment via: or simply DM our Instagram @antoanettajewelry

- utilizing Instagram's Video Call feature, discuss any inquiries or questions regarding the particular jewelry piece with the designer herself

- Enjoy your thoroughly examined or custom-made jewelry piece!